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  • Compensation of Voltage Sag and Swells by Custom Power Devices

    Compensation of Voltage Sag and Swells by Custom Power Devices

    4468 RUR
    This book presents theoretical and application topics in power quality in distribution systems. With this book we wished to create a resource that is relevant to the needs of the working Power System engineers by helping bridge the theory and simulation work. A Power quality problem is an occurrence manifested as a nonstandard voltage, current or frequency that results in a failure or a mal-operation of end use equipments. Utility distribution networks, sensitive industrial loads and critical commercial operations suffer from various types of outages and service interruptions which can cost significant financial 1oss. With the restructuring of Power Systems and with shifting trend towards distributed and dispersed generation, the issue of Power Quality is going to take newer dimensions. In developing countries like India, where the variation of power frequency and many such other determinants of power quality are themselves a serious question, it is very vital to take positive steps in this direction. The present work is to identify the prominent concerns in this area and hence the measures that can enhance the quality of the power are recommended
  • Impact of Wind Energy on Reactive Power and Voltage Control

    Impact of Wind Energy on Reactive Power and Voltage Control

    4631 RUR
    Renewable energy is natural energy which does not have a limited supply and can be used again and again. In recent years, these energies (mostly wind energy) have been one of the fastest growing additions to power networks in many countries. It is due to advance in technology and it''s green nature. But this increase in wind energy might lead to challenging situations concerning reactive power and voltage control issues in both transmission and distribution network. This book, therefore, explains the procedure in extracting the kinetic energy from wind energy via wind turbines and the ability to control these voltage and reactive power issues. With the ability to control voltage and reactive power in wind energy, wind farms will be an ideal source of green energy for 21st century. This book could be useful to professionals who are dealing with wind turbines and green energy technology and to those who are working for the future challenges in power networks
  • Single Phase UPS Based On Z-source Inverter

    Single Phase UPS Based On Z-source Inverter

    3393 RUR
    In This book use for Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are widely used to supply critical loads, such as airline computers and life-support systems in hospitals, providing protection against power failure or anomalies of power-line voltage. In general, there are two types of traditional single phase UPSs. The first one couples a battery bank to a half or full-bridge inverter with a low-frequency transformer. In this type of UPSs, the ac output voltage is higher than that of the battery bank; thus, a step-up transformer is required to boost voltage. Due to the presence of the step-up transformer, the inverter current is much higher than the load current, causing high current stress on the switches of the inverter. The transformer also increases the weight, volume, and cost of the system. In this type of UPSs, the additional booster is needed, leading to high cost and low efficiency. The controlling of the switches in the booster also complicates the system. The dead time in the pulse width-modulation (PWM). The proposed method is also implemented on hardware by using power electronic devices such as MOSFET and PIC controller for production of control signals
  • Ethiopian Sugar Industries as Independent Power Producers (IPPs)

    Ethiopian Sugar Industries as Independent Power Producers (IPPs)

    5576 RUR
    Energy and environmental protection are the current topics of ever-increasing since modern life is in need in this world. Taking this in to consideration energy generation from Renewable resources is basic global issue now a day. The cumulative capacity of renewable energy systems such as bagasse cogeneration in Ethiopia is far below their theoretical potential. To have stable power supply system in the country, it needs direct involvement of Independent power Producers (IPPs) with the proper utilization of Power. This book provides full information for Potential IPPs, Consultants, Policy makers and Electric Utility the potentiality of sugar industries as IPPs by enclosing comprehensive introduction of existing sugar factories generation analysis, technology they are using and future generation possibility. The author deals with the existing basic bottlenecks for not having IPPs in the country and discusses issues such as Feed in Tariff, availability of fuel energy and its calorific Value Based on International standards with highlighting the implementation of CDM project
  • Introduction To Power Quality And Active Power Filters

    Introduction To Power Quality And Active Power Filters

    4468 RUR
    The term ‘power quality’ refers to the purity of the voltage and current waveform, and a power quality disturbance is a deviation from the pure sinusoidal form. Harmonics superimposed on the fundamental are one cause of such deviations. The widespread and increasing use of solid state devices in power systems are leading to escalating ambient harmonic levels in public electricity supply systems. This book provides the details of causes, effects and mitigation methods of harmonics in power systems. Also, gives the idea of modeling of an active power filter using three different harmonic extraction methods with new hysteresis switching strategy. The complete details of MATLAB based simulation studies and discussions are presented
  • Power Quality Enhancement Using Custom Power Devices

    Power Quality Enhancement Using Custom Power Devices

    4716 RUR
    Power quality is very important issue recently due to the impact on electricity suppliers, equipment manufacture and customers. Power quality is described as the variation of voltage, current and frequency in a power system. Nowadays, there are so many industries using high technology for manufacturing and process unit. This technology requires high quality and high reliability of power supply. Power Quality problems encompass a wide range of disturbances such as voltage sags/swells, flicker, harmonics distortion, impulse transient, and interruptions. Voltage sags is the most common type of power quality disturbance in the distribution system. It can be caused by fault in the electrical network or by the starting of a large induction motor. Voltage sags are a remarkable source of economic losses. The purpose of this book is tried to analyze and identify voltage sags problem in power quality especially in a distribution system. The simulation will be using PSCAD/EMTDC software. The mitigation techniques that will be studied are such as Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM) and Solid State Transfer Switch (SSTS)
  • Shunt Active Power Filter

    Shunt Active Power Filter

    4468 RUR
    In recent years there has been a substantial increase in the demand for controllable reactive power sources which can compensate for large lagging loads. These requirements involve precise and continuous reactive power control with fast response time and avoidance of harmonic line current generation. Solid state Var compensators using forced commutated converters have been developed and are being used for this purpose. Active power filtering (APF) can provide VAr compensation by injecting equal but opposite distortion at selected points in a network. The objective of this project is to design an Active Power Filter (APF) using Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) to achieve reactive power compensation. It is achieved by forcing the inverter line current to follow a reactive sinusoidal reference at a constant switching frequency. The current reference generator has been designed for both lagging and leading reactive power conditions. The reactive power requirements of a bridge rectifier connected load are estimated using the above current reference generator. Using this, an APF is designed to compensate the reactive power requirements of the above load
  • Low Cost DC High Voltage Generator for Industries and Laboratories

    Low Cost DC High Voltage Generator for Industries and Laboratories

    4631 RUR
    This work describes the details of high voltage D.C. power supply whose output is 60 kV, whereas its input voltage is 1-? 50 Hz 5 kV of sinusoidal waveform. This test set is suitable for field testing of high voltage cables, as a prime D.C source for very low frequency high voltage test, oscillating wave technique and impulse voltage charging unit due to its light weight and portability. In this study, we constructed a prototype high voltage power supply based on design, simulation and implementation of hardware work in laboratory. The simulation work has been done by using Mat. Lab. Version 7.0 software. This developed equipment will be very useful for field testing of HV cables of different voltage grade, as a prime DC source for VLF and OW testing set and charging unit of impulse generators
  • Power Supplies Of Magnetrons: Modeling, Simulation And Optimization

    Power Supplies Of Magnetrons: Modeling, Simulation And Optimization

    3393 RUR
    The aim of this book is to provide the needed basic knowledge to use the Matlab-Simulink software on a computer to simulate the modeling and optimization of a single-phase high voltage power supply for industrial microwave generators with N magnetrons 800 Watts-2450 MHz (treated cases N = 1 and N = 2). This original work will contribute to develop of research in the field of manufacturing technology of current single-phase power supplies, three-phase and future hexa-phase with the aim to keep the operating performance of these systems and obtain the following benefits: • Reduction in the cost of producing the installation of the HV power supplies for magnetrons. • Decrease the congestion, volume and cost of maintenance of these installations
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking For Solar Panels

    Maximum Power Point Tracking For Solar Panels

    4550 RUR
    In today's climate of growing energy needs and increasing environmental concern,we must have to think for an alternative to the use of non-renewable and polluting fossil fuels. Solar panel is the fundamental energy conversion component of photo voltaic(PV)systems. Maximum power point (MPP)tracking is popular for small-scale systems based on economic reasons. Equivalent circuit, current-voltage, power-voltage characteristics of photovoltaic systems and the operation of some commonly used MPPT techniques has been decribed here.A new perturbation and observation algorithm was formed and that has been validated with the help of practical data along with modelling and the results of simulations which compare its performance with algorithms of conventional P&O technique. The new technique can track MPP much faster than conventional perturb and observe method
  • FACTS Devices for Power System Voltage Stability Enhancement

    FACTS Devices for Power System Voltage Stability Enhancement

    7466 RUR
    Demand for electrical energy continues to grow steadily, and is particularly strong in those countries on the threshold of industrialization. Electricity grid upgrades can not keep pace with the growing energy demand due to economical and environmental considerations that electric utilities are facing today to extend their power systems. Due to this situation, operators are looking for ways to utilize the existing power systems more efficiently. Consequently, most of power systems, nowadays, are working with heavy loading conditions. These new highly stressed operating conditions of these power systems arises different forms of power system instability. This book looks at stressed modern power system together with integrated wind resources and the role of FACTS devices in enhancing voltage stability
  • Enhancing Distribution Network Performance

    Enhancing Distribution Network Performance

    7466 RUR
    Trial and error approach which involves service interruption is usually carried out to resolve unbalance on phases in power distribution system. This approach might improve the phase voltage and current but the resultant effect (change) does not last for too long; thereby reduces the market value in terms of quality and reliability of supply. To enhance the performance of the secondary distribution system there is a need for an automating technology. The aim of this book is to introduce a method and technology developed for resolving imbalances in a secondary distribution system as a result of the uneven distribution of single phase load across a three phase power system. The technology developed is able to monitored, acquire/display collected data and perform self changing switching actions electronically. This action is in form of rearrangement or transfer of consumer loads. The proposed switching technology is based on open- transition switch that enables transfer or rearrangement of consumer loads in a three-phase system within Validation Methodologies applied includes System Simulator - Matlab (Simulink), Virtual Instrumentation-Lab VIEW and Hardware implementation
  • Reactive Power Compensation Using Multi Level Converters

    Reactive Power Compensation Using Multi Level Converters

    3393 RUR
    This is book use of proposed overview of the state of the art in reactive power compensation technologies. The principles of operations, characteristics and application examples of VAR compensators implemented with switches and self-commutated converters are presented. Static VAR compensators are used to improve voltage regulation, stability. The reactive power component is estimated from the reactive component of input current (Iq). In the proposed work 2-level and 3-level diode-clamped multilevel inverters are studied and then implemented for the applications of reactive power compensation and are simulated by using MATLAB/Simulink for various parameters like Active & Reactive power at load, Per unit input and output voltages. Tabulation can be made for Converter & Load, Active & Reactive powers
  • A New Hybrid Active Power Filter With injection Circuit

    A New Hybrid Active Power Filter With injection Circuit

    4631 RUR
    This book deals with fuzzy generalized PI-control method for hybrid active power filter, and new injection circuit topology. In this supply current detection control strategy is used. With this approach of injection circuit topology, in power system harmonics compensation down by using low capacity active power filter. The fuzzy generalized PI-control method is used. In this control method two control units present: a generalized integrator control unit and fuzzy adjuster system. This control method is useful to any other active power filters; also it is less expensive compare with new technologies like FACT systems and it very effective in compensation of harmonics. Compare to other HAPF control methods fuzzy generalized PI-control method have the advantages of faster response and low error of harmonic compensation in distribution system. The MATLAB simulation result shows that the new control method is very effective in reducing harmonics
  • Design of Active Power Factor Corrector

    Design of Active Power Factor Corrector

    5283 RUR
    The input current harmonics of the rectifier is very harmful. Not only does it reduce the power factor of the AC-DC converter and cause a lot of electrical energy loss; but also it will damage other devices and pollute the line power system. Measures should be taken to reduce these harmonics. The commonly used method is to design an effective PFC circuit for the AC-DC converter. In this book, a boost APFC circuit will be discussed in detail. It can work satisfactorily from full load to half load scope. The detailed design process will be described for this project, including topology choice, theoretical calculation of the main components values, the determination of the main components for this circuit, circuit simulation and experimental verification. According to the schematic design and the simulation revision, a test prototype is built to verify the performance. Several tests are implemented and the final experimental results indicate that this circuit design can satisfy the project specification and it is feasible for this project. As a reference book, it is suitable for electrical engineers and experts to check when they develop relevant power electronics products
  • Design and Fabrication of Static PF Compensator & Study FACTS

    Design and Fabrication of Static PF Compensator & Study FACTS

    4631 RUR
    This book describes the design and development of a power factor compensator via STATIC VAR. This involves measuring the power factor value from the load using 8051 micro-controller and proper algorithm to determine and trigger TRIAC to select capacitor value in order to compensate excessive reactive components, thus bringing power factor near to unity. This book also describes the application of static power factor compensator in Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS). FACTS devices are used for the dynamic control of voltage, impedance and phase angle of high voltage AC lines. FACTS devices provides strategic benefits for improved transmission system management through: increased transmission system reliability and availability; better utilization of existing transmission assets; increased transmission system reliability and availability; increased dynamic and transient grid stability; increased quality of supply for sensitive industries and enabling environmental benefits
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